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We can make a difference in your event. Professional fireworks displays since 1949

Professional fireworks that impress. entertain. captivate.

Fourth of July
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New Years Eve

Creative and Elegant

Our inventory is full of items to create the perfect display for any event. Large or small, colorful or full of noise. Your event can be customized to impress any audience and with Young Explosives, we'll do it with style.

Friendly and Helpful

We believe that keeping the customer happy is of the utmost importance. With Young Explosives, your questions or concerns are never more than a phone call away. And most importantly, your opinion matters to us.

65 Years of Experience

Young Explosives has been owned and operated by the Young family since 1949. We keep our staff highly trained to make sure that we are experienced and knowledgable enough to handle any event.

Seriously Professional

Our professional staff and exceptional customer service is what makes us stand out among competitors.

Who We Are

Young Explosives is a family owned and operated fireworks company from Rochester, New York. Proudly serving the Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, and Watertown areas of New York. Started in 1949, we produce 500 shows a year with 200 employees during our busy season. We specialize in outdoor displays consisting of aerial shells and ground effects. We also do indoor displays with products specifically designed for indoor use. Our staff is knowledgeable and flexible, allowing us to handle any display.

Our Most Popular Events

Fourth of July
New Years Eve
Corporate Events